ZULEIMA, a cultural association dedicated to in-house tourism, was founded in 2009 on an idea of one of its founding members, who had a vast experience in foreign tourism and understood that there was a market for decentralized hotels/inns in Ragusa Ibla. It was this initial idea that made B&B and widespread Hospitality a reality in Ragusa Ibla, in its surrounding countryside and along its coast. Hospitality that can be defined by the people who work and produce in the Hyblean territory.

The name Zuleima is of Arabic origin meaning both strength and sweetness, the same qualities the Arabs attributed to Sicily, a land as forceful and determined as the sun that heats it, and as sweet as the honey produced from its flowers.

In the past Zuleima was the name of a woman, today it is found only in fairytales and the old tales narrated in Arabic literature.

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Ospitalità diffusa a Ragusa Ibla