Widespread Hospitality

Are you looking for sun, sea, long stretches of beaches and beautiful sunsets.

Do you want to combine the beauty of nature, history and the atmosphere of historic cities centers declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Southeastern Sicily is what you seek, and Zuleima can help discover it.

Like a friend, who has been living in Ragusa, Zuleima welcomes you, shows you the city, suggests where to stay, what to eat, and invites you to linger in the ‘Val di Noto’.

In a B&B or a Vacation Home, Zuleima’s widespread hospitality reaches the Iblean valleys and hills; from the heart of Ragusa Ibla, to the countryside and till the sea; it defines itself in its network of contacts towards the discovery of our area for a cultural tourism.

... who left his heart guarding a house, to that desire always longs to return.
(Ibn Hamdis, Arab poet from Sicily, Noto 1056 - 1133 Mallorca)

Ospitalità a Ragusa Ibla