Natural trails


Undoubtedly, the best way to get to know an area, especially the Iblean one, is by foot. By walking it is possible to feel the vegetation, to absorb the colors, the smells, and to see the details of this part of Africa in Sicily.

 Climb on top of the highlands, follow trails on the hillsides, and walk down the rocky walls of the Iblean caves up to the river, and follow it up again.

Dive in the nature, feel its depth and historic majesty, though the local inhabitants sites that mark the landscape.

The offered excursions are many and vary depending on physical training; from easy walks to more difficult trails. “Gae” guides will know where to take you! (AIGAE - Italian Environmental Guides Association)

Cava Ispica, Cava Paradiso, Cava Misericordia, Pantalica, Cava Grande del Cassibile, Cava Carosello .... all places of spectacular beauty, ecological gems, treasures of ancient history.

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Bring the kids to ride the donkey; a fun experience for all.

The passion and competence of Anna, Gae guide, for the animals and, her activities have led to the creation of a farm, in which every animal has its own name! Barbara, Pina, Emma, Maia, Alice, Nerina, Stella and Martina are all donkeys of Ragusano breed on which the children discover not only the trails but also the connection between animals and nature, a connection that belongs to each of us.



Leave the mainland, slowly move away from the coast and sail until you hear only the sound of the sea: regenerating!!

Sailing is a fun and relaxing experience, especially with Fulvio, which also offers a sophisticated and delicate culinary experience.

Fulvio’s flavors and food combinations are an expression of his journeys that will delight your palate. Treat yourself to a fish dinner and embrace the atmosphere!

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